Health Education

USFHP health educators offer a variety of programs to help our members identify risks that could be harmful to their health and learn ways to achieve and maintain healthy lifestyles—like losing weight or learning how to manage a specific health condition. Classes are interactive and fun, and often include gifts and prizes. The programs are offered year-round and are conveniently located within or near Johns Hopkins Community Physician sites throughout Maryland.

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Adult Weight Management

Fit Over 50

5 week fitness program for adults age 50 and older

Members will learn the benefits of strength training and participate in hands on practice. Maintaining bone density and reducing risk falls will also be covered.

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Healthy Holidays

90-minute workshop educating participants on the importance of making healthy choices during the holiday season

Participants will learn how to identify foods to avoid and foods to enjoy! Participants will also learn how to bake healthy holiday treats using smart substitutions. Tips for staying active during the holidays will also be discussed.

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8-week adult weight management program sponsored by the Veterans Affairs (VA)

Members will learn how to manage their weight through healthy eating, exercise, and lifestyle changes.

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Moving in the Right Direction

90-minute workshop for adults who want to jump start their weight loss

Members will learn the importance of goal setting and the basics of healthy eating and exercise.

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Blood Pressure

Blood, Are You Pressuring Me?

90-minute workshop for adults

Members will learn the the warning signs of uncontrolled blood pressure, and the effects it has on their health. Members will also learn ways to manage blood pressure through eating healthy, reducing sodium, and being physically active.

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Children's Asthma

Kids Power to Control Asthma

2 hour interactive workshop for children with asthma and their guardians

Members will learn the warning signs of asthma, how to avoid triggers, useful breathing techniques, and how to create an Asthma Action Plan.

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Children's Weight Management

Healthy Kids 101

90-minute healthy eating workshop for children and their guardians

Members will learn the importance of creating a healthy plate, family fun exercises and reducing screen time.

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Way to Go Kids! Child Weight Management

6 week weight management program for children and their guardians

Children will learn body image, self-esteem, the importance of healthy food choices, and fun ways to be more active. Guardians will be provided the tools they need to assist their children with making healthier choices.

No upcoming classes

Chronic Disease Self-Management

Living Healthy: A Chronic Disease Self-Management Program

6-week, 2-hour evidence based program

Members will learn the skills needed for day-to-day management of their chronic conditions

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The Basics of COPD

90 minute COPD workshop for adults

Members will learn how to successfully manage and live well with COPD.

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Diabetes Mapping

4-week diabetes program for adults

Members will learn the basics of diabetes, how to monitor and control their blood sugar and the importance of medication management. Nutrition and how to create a healthy food plate will also be discussed.

No upcoming classes

Diabetes Self-Management Program

6 week diabetes program for adults sponsored by Stanford University

Members will be provided with tools to self-manage their diabetes through healthy eating, exercise and taking medication as prescribed. Members will also set goals and develop weekly action plans.

No upcoming classes

Living Well with Diabetes

5 week diabetes program for adults

Members will learn how to recognize and prevent complications of diabetes, understand the relationship between stress, diabetes and depression. The importance of healthy eating and exercise will also be discussed.

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Pre-Diabetes and Me

90-minute pre-diabetes workshop for adults

Members will learn how to prepare a healthy plate, count carbohydrates, add daily exercise into their life, and effectively work with their healthcare provider to prevent a diabetes diagnosis.

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Healthy Voices, Healthy Choices

Cooking Demonstration

60-minute cooking demonstration

Members will watch and learn how to prepare healthy meals using fresh, easy-to-find ingredients.

No upcoming classes

Grocery Store Tour

60-minute tour of a local grocery store

Members will learn which foods to shop for and eat to support a nutritious diet.

No upcoming classes

Heart Health

Matters of the Heart

90-minute heart disease workshop for adults

Members will learn what heart disease is and how to manage their risk factors through stress reduction, exercise, healthy eating, medication management, and regular visits with their healthcare team.

No upcoming classes

Newborn Care

Baby Basics

2-hour workshop designed to educate expecting and new parents on caregiving for their newborn, aged from birth to 6-months

Information provided includes: feedings, bathing, diaper changes, safe sleeping and tips for when to call the doctor. Additional support and resources on lactation and car seat safety will be available.

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FreshStart® Smoking Cessation Program

4 week smoking program for adults sponsored by the American Cancer Society

Members will learn why it’s important to quit smoking and how to overcome barriers to quitting. Members will also be encouraged to pick a quit date.

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Six Ways to Improve Your Doctor Visit

A 2-hour workshop for patients and caregivers

Members will learn how to organize medical documents to prepare for doctor visits. You will also learn skills to help improve talking with your healthcare providers.

No upcoming classes

Wise Steps to Prevent Falls

A 2-hour workshop designed to educate participants on the importance of fall prevention and how to identify fall hazards within the home.

The importance of medication management, annual exams, and proper sleep to reduce the risk of falling will also be discussed. Tips for Caregivers will be offered.

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Sleep Your Way to Better Health

90-minute sleep workshop for adults

Members will learn about common sleep disorders, the importance of a good night’s sleep and how to create healthier sleep habits.

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Spend Less, Eat Well

Spend Less, Eat Well

90-minute healthy eating workshop for families on a budget

Members will learn how to purchase and prepare healthier meals, save money on groceries, and read nutrition labels.

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Stress Relief

Stress Relief

2-week 90-minute stress reduction workshop for adults

Members will learn what stress is and how it affects the body. Stress relief strategies and everyday mindfulness will also be discussed. You will also learn how to create a Stress Relief Action Plan.

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