We Support Your Wellness Mission

We go beyond providing medical and dental benefits — our knowledgeable care managers and health educators can help you achieve your own personal wellness by giving you the tools you need and providing ongoing support. Johns Hopkins USFHP members have the opportunity to participate in a variety of wellness programs, access a comprehensive health library, and speak with a nurse at any time — all at no cost.

Care Management Services

  • Coordination with your providers and community resources
  • Assistance securing referrals to specialists
  • Education on how to manage complex chronic health conditions like HIV, cancer, acute rehabilitation, and more
  • Monitored health management
  • Support for increasing self-management skills and preventing complications
care management

Health Promotion and Wellness Offerings

A wide variety of health education classes to help with weight management, asthma, blood pressure, diabetes, quitting smoking, stress management, and more.

Access to an Interactive Health Information Library

Articles, videos, quizzes and more help you learn about various conditions and treatments, drug interactions, healthy living, and more.

Access to a 24/7 Nurse Chat Line

Chat with a registered nurse (RN) online or over the phone, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.