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Johns Hopkins USFHP’s health education programs and workshops cover a wide variety of topics to help our members achieve their best health. Read our program descriptions and current class locations, dates, and times below.

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Johns Hopkins USFHP is currently offering virtual classes!

Your health is important, and we’re here to support your goals. Classes will be held through Zoom meetings. Registration is required. If you have any questions, please contact us at 800-957-9760 or

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Adult Weight Management

Eating the Healthy Way

  • This 60-minute workshop is aimed to provide participants with the tools necessary to make healthy choices throughout the day, as well as on the go.
  • Ways to incorporate physical activity into a busy day will also be discussed, along with specific ideas for all 3 main meals.
  • Additionally, participants will learn practical ways to shop and plan ahead while staying within a budget.

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Healthy Holidays

60-minute workshop educating participants on the importance of making healthy choices during the holiday season

Participants will learn how to identify foods to avoid and foods to enjoy! Participants will also learn how to bake healthy holiday treats using smart substitutions. Tips for staying active during the holidays will also be discussed.

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Let's Get Physical

  • This 60-minute virtual workshop educates participants with tools and resources for incorporating or increasing physical activity into their daily lives.
  • Benefits of physical activity and overcoming barriers to being more active will be addressed, as well as the role of nutrition to fuel planned activity.
  • Participants will also learn how to develop a well-rounded exercise plan.

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Moving in the Right Direction

  • Moving in the Right Direction is designed to jumpstart participants’ weight loss efforts.
  • This 60-minute virtual workshop teaches participants how to improve their eating habits, make healthier food choices using the MyPlate method, and increase physical activity.
  • Participants will understand the basics of weight control and set a weight loss goal.

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Breathe Easier: Managing Asthma

Workshop designed to empower participants to take control of their asthma through asthma self-management techniques.

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Blood Pressure

Blood, Are You Pressuring Me?

  • This virtual workshop educates participants about High Blood Pressure.
  • The participants will learn the warning signs of uncontrolled blood pressure and the effects it has on their health.
  • Participants will also learn ways to manage their blood pressure by eating healthy, lowering their sodium intake, and being physically active.

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Chronic Disease Self-Management

The Basics of COPD

COPD workshop for adults Members will learn how to successfully manage and live well with COPD.

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Diabetes: A Healthier You

  • This virtual diabetes workshop focuses on the importance of nutrition and physical fitness for adults to live healthier with diabetes.
  • Via a Zoom webinar, members will learn how to count carbs, basic meal planning, and how to aim for a healthy weight.
  • The impact of physical activity on diabetes, and what to do, will also be discussed.

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Managing Diabetes

  • Diabetes workshop designed to provide adults with tools and resources for better understanding and managing diabetes.
  • Members will gain a better understanding of blood sugar and how to manage it; how to prevent health complications; and how to manage sick days.
  • Members will also learn about the impact diabetes has on mental health, and why they should follow the recommended care plan.

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Pre-diabetes & Me

  • This 60-minute virtual workshop aims to educate pre-diabetics with the necessary steps to better their health and lower blood glucose numbers.
  • The goal of the workshop is to help members prolong or prevent a diabetes diagnosis.
  • Participants will learn how to eat healthy, count carbohydrates, incorporate exercise into their life, and effectively work with their health care provider.

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Heart Health

Matters of the Heart

Heart disease workshop for adults

Members will learn what heart disease is and how to manage their risk factors through stress reduction, exercise, healthy eating, medication management, and regular visits with their healthcare team.

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Newborn Care

Baby Basics (Part 1 and 2)

  • 2-hour workshop designed to educate expecting and new parents on caregiving for their newborn, aged from birth to 6-months
  • Information provided includes: feedings, bathing, diaper changes, safe sleeping and tips for when to call the doctor. Additional support and resources on lactation and car seat safety will be available.

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No More Butts, Now's the Time to Quit

  • This 60-minute virtual workshop is designed to provide the tools and resources needed to begin a successful journey to quit smoking.
  • Participants will learn the benefits of quitting smoking and will develop a personalized quit plan.

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Wise Steps

Workshop designed to educate participants on the importance of fall prevention and how to identify fall hazards within the home. The importance of medication management, annual exams, and proper sleep to reduce the risk of falling will also be discussed. Tips for Caregivers will be offered.

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Sleep Your Way to Better Health

  • This workshop is aimed at increasing knowledge about sleep and the importance of creating good sleep habits for better overall health.
  • Participants will learn what effects sleep has on the body, how much is needed, common sleep disorders, and the connection between chronic disease and proper sleep.

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Stress Relief

Stress Relief

  • This workshop is designed to increase participants’ knowledge about stress and how it affects our health.
  • While learning the basics of stress, participants will gain tools and resources for assessing their individual stressors and learn stress reduction techniques.
  • Additionally, participants will learn practical ways to manage everyday stress.

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