Ask the Experts

Each representative has roots that run deep in the military and, as members themselves, extensive knowledge of the Johns Hopkins US Family Health Plan. You can find our field service reps leading the presentations at our information briefings across our region’s military bases.

Field service representatives are able to answer your questions if you are not a member and are looking to join the plan. Members with questions can call customer service at 800-808-7347.

"USFHP has given my family so much convenience, choice, and access to the best healthcare in our region. Our team of military retirees and family members can explain your Tricare benefits and help you select ideal options for your family."

Steve Whisler, LT, U.S. Navy (Ret)

  • Phone number: 410-963-7066
  • Find Steve at: Johns Hopkins HealthCare headquarters and military sites across the USFHP network in West Virginia, Virginia, Washington DC, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Delaware
  • Steve is a retired navy veteran with service in the enlisted and officer ranks. Among his numerous military decorations are the Air Medal and Combat Action Ribbon, which he earned after accumulating over 750 flight hours, 200 under direct combat conditions. He has held senior management positions in the defense industry and Baltimore-area non-profits for the past two decades. Steve and his family have been USFHP members since 2003. He is intimately familiar with TRICARE’s plans, benefits, and coverage and enjoys helping active duty families and retirees get the most out of their health care options.
"My goal is to provide service members, both active and reserve, and their families, with information regarding their health care options so that they may select which fits their family’s needs the best."

Larry Woda, U.S. Navy (Ret)

  • Phone number: 240-338-8027
  • Find Larry at: Dover Air Force Base, various events in Delaware
  • Larry served in the U.S. Navy from 1967-1992, when he retired as a U.S. Navy Captain Surface Warfare Officer (SWO). Larry’s 25-year military career includes: two tours in San Diego, California (1968-1971) in USS Duluth (LPD-6) as a deck division officer, admin/pers. off. and navigator; three years of instructor duty at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland (1971-1974), and one year at Destroyer School  in Newport, Rhode Island (1975); Operations Officer aboard USS Glennon (DD-840) in Charleston, South Carolina (1975-1976); Chief Engineer USS Suribachi (AE-21) in Earl, New Jersey (1976-1978); Naval Reserve Individual Ready Reserve (IRR) (1979-1981); Naval Reserve Selected Reserve (SELREV) (1981-1992) in various units supporting the Bureau of Naval Personnel (BUPERS), the Office of Naval Research (ONR), and the Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA). He and his wife of more than half a century have been members of Johns Hopkins USFHP since 2011.
"I really enjoy helping military families learn more about their healthcare options. We have so many options and our team can help you make the best decisions that fit your needs."

Keri Landry

  • Phone number: 636-385-0526
  • Find Keri at: Fort Detrick, Suburban Hospital, Walter Reed National Naval Medical Center (WRNNMC), Aberdeen Proving Ground
  • Keri is the wife of a retired Lieutenant Colonel (LtCol) of the U.S. Marine Corps and has been in the Maryland area since 2011 after moving here from Okinawa, Japan with her family.   As the wife of a retiree, and a member of the plan, Keri feels privileged to be able to provide other military beneficiaries with information about Johns Hopkins USFHP and help military families take control of their healthcare.
“My family and I chose Johns Hopkins USFHP because of great continuity of care, provider choice, and access to some of the best medical expertise in the world. It is a privilege to give back to the military community by providing information, which they can use to find the best healthcare for their families.”

Rebecca Shields

  • Phone number: 703-946-3318
  • Find Rebecca at: military installations in northern Virginia and Washington DC.
  • Rebecca, the spouse of a retired Air Force Colonel, has lived in northern Virginia for over 10 years.  She joined USFHP in 2018 and became a Field Services Representative after her husband’s retirement from active duty in 2019. Rebecca brings a wealth of experience with over 24 years and 11 PCS moves around the world, where her family experienced every option military medicine has to offer. After navigating her family successfully through medical challenges, she has become a passionate advocate for military and veteran families.
"I really enjoy helping military families learn about all of their TRICARE options. So many are surprised that the US Family Health Plan allows them to choose their own doctor … over 16,500 doctors in the National Capital Region!"

Vicki Galpin

  • Phone number: 410-991-4911
  • Find Vicki at: Fort Meade, Naval Support Activity Annapolis, United States Naval Academy
  • Vicki has been a member since 2004 and a field services representative since 2008. As the wife of a Navy retiree, Vicki feels privileged to personally provide other military beneficiaries with information about Johns Hopkins USFHP.
"I joined the US Family Health Plan because of the Johns Hopkins reputation and high-quality healthcare. I think it is a tremendous program for military families and retirees in the area. I really enjoy informing fellow veterans and their families USFHP’s benefits and services.”

Marty Hauser, U.S. Air Force (Ret)

  • Phone number: 785-539-5983
  • Find Marty at: Military Installations and partner healthcare facilities in northern Virginia
  • Marty is a retired Air Force Colonel with more than 26 years of Active Duty and Reserve service. Marty was assigned to Vandenberg AFB, Patrick AFB, and the Johnson Space Center. He also supported several offices in the Pentagon, including the Secretary of Defense, Secretary of the Air Force, and Director of the National Reconnaissance Office. Since his retirement, he has held senior executive positions with the top-40 firm United Technologies and non-profit Space Foundation. Marty is also a board member of the Kansas Sports Hall of Fame and Operation Homefront, a national charity that helps military members and their families with financial, food, housing, and other types of critical assistance.