Walgreens, Your Pharmacy Network Provider

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Johns Hopkins USFHP’s network includes all Walgreens pharmacies — over 9,000 locations and growing. Walgreens offers many digital tools to help you manage your family’s medications and track your healthy behaviors to earn rewards.

Walgreens offers two ways for USFHP members to receive prescriptions: home delivery, for up to a 90-day supply of approved medications, and retail pharmacy pickup for a 30-day supply of everyday medications or a 90-day supply of medications for a chronic condition. The Walgreens website and app offer automatic refills and other convenient options to make this even easier.

At some Walgreens locations, you can receive many common vaccinations such as flu, pneumonia and shingles.

Search for local Walgreens pharmacies that are in the USFHP pharmacy network by visiting the Caremark Pharmacy Locator and entering your ZIP code, city and state, or county and state.

Please note that the USFHP pharmacy network is limited to Walgreens pharmacies. Military Treatment Facility and government/federal military pharmacies, including Veterans Affairs (VA) pharmacies cannot be used. Some Walgreens-owned pharmacies on this site may still be listed as Rite Aid. Please check with the pharmacy that it is a Walgreens-owned pharmacy.

Contact customer service at 410-424-4528 or 800-808-7347 if you need assistance finding a network pharmacy.

Filling your prescription

You may obtain your prescriptions at any Walgreens pharmacy nationwide or through home delivery.

Click here to review your Walgreens pharmacy prescription refill options.

Note: You may not obtain prescriptions from a military treatment facility while enrolled in USFHP. Prescriptions that originated at a military treatment facility may not be transferable to Walgreens pharmacies.

Any prescriptions filled outside the USFHP pharmacy network in a non-emergent situation may be subject to review to determine if the amount submitted should be reimbursed in full, less applicable copayment. To obtain reimbursement, complete the Pharmacy Prescription Reimbursement Claim Form, and mail to the address provided on the form.

Walgreens’ Tools

Here at Johns Hopkins USFHP, we strive to ensure that every aspect of our members’ health care is the best possible. This is why we partner with Walgreens — a high quality pharmacy that offers great in-person service and a variety of digital tools — to make your experience easy and convenient. Try these options:

Mobile App

Use the Walgreens app to:

  • Refill your prescriptions. Plus, request refills online or over the phone.
  • Track prescription orders.
  • Get pill reminders.
  • Get free expert advice. Chat with a doctor or pharmacist 24/72(you can also do this from the Pharmacy Chat option at com).
Text Alerts and Faster Pickup
  • Text JOINRXto 21525 to receive text notifications when your prescription is ready, needs to be refilled or is delayed.1
  • Pay ahead of time through the link in your “prescription is ready” text. When you get to the store, go through the faster Walgreens ExpressTM pickup line.
Phone or Email Notifications
  • If you prefer, Walgreens can call or email you with prescription updates.
Save-A-Trip Refills®
  • Make fewer trips to the pharmacy! Ask for multiple prescriptions to be filled at the same time.
  • Call 833-SAVE-TRIPor 833-728-3874 to get started.
  1. Availability varies with heavy usage
  2. By signing up, you agree to receive recurring text messages from Walgreens in connection with Pharmacy alerts. Message and data rates may apply. Terms: com/mobileterms. Privacy: walgreens.com/mobileprivacy.

Receiving Your Prescriptions

Home delivery

Home delivery is available to USFHP members for up to a 90-day supply of approved medications through Walgreens pharmacy. Home delivery is best suited for medications you take on a regular basis.

If you live in Maryland, you may obtain your prescription through home delivery by completing the Maryland mail order form and sending it in with your new prescription, plus a check or credit card number for your copayment, to the address listed on the form. To ensure you receive a refill before your current supply runs out, reorder at least two weeks before you need your refill.

Walgreens Pharmacy
2700 Remington Ave.
Baltimore, MD 21211
Phone: 410-235-2128
Fax: 410-889-1609

If you live outside of Maryland, you may obtain your prescription through home delivery from AllianceRx Walgreens Prime Pharmacy, located in Arizona. For more information, visit the AllianceRX Walgreens Pharmacy website or view their brochure.

Fill out the home delivery registration and prescription order form and mail to:

AllianceRx Walgreens Prime Pharmacy
P.O. Box 29061
Phoenix, AZ 85038-9601
Phone: 800-345-1985 TTY: 800-573-1833
En Español: 800-778-5427 TTY: 877-220-6173
Hours of operation:24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Retail pharmacy pick-up

Fill and pick up your prescriptions at any of our network pharmacies nationwide without having to submit a claim. Through our retail pharmacy network, you can fill a 30-day supply of your everyday medications, or a 90-day supply of medications for a chronic condition, for the same copay as home delivery. To fill a prescription, present your Johns Hopkins USFHP member ID card to the pharmacist with your prescription.  Your ID card contains important information to allow the pharmacy to process your claim correctly. You will be responsible for a portion of the cost of the medications, or copay. Copays are subject to change at TRICARE’s discretion. The TRICARE formulary contains three cost levels for USFHP members.

Use the TRICARE formulary search tool to see whether a specific drug is covered and its cost share.

Pharmacy Prescription Reimbursement Claim Form

Specialty medications

Specialty medications typically require special storage and handling and may not be readily available at your local pharmacy. Specialty medications may also have side effects that require pharmacist and/or nurse monitoring. Many specialty medications (oral and injectable) are available through the retail pharmacy network. However, some medications may not be available at all retail locations because the medication’s manufacturer limits the medication to specific pharmacies. If your physician submits a request for use of a restricted distribution drug and we approve it, we will forward the request to a contracted specialty pharmacy. The specialty pharmacy will coordinate delivery of the medication to patient’s home or physician office.

In the event that you fill a prescription at a non-network pharmacy due to an emergent situation, you may seek reimbursement for incurred cost.