COVID-19, RSV, Flu, Pneumonia and Shingles vaccines

Vaccine news:

Johns Hopkins USFHP and Walgreens have updated benefit coverage to include the newly FDA-approved, CDC-recommended vaccines. RSV vaccine for Adults age 60+ is available at Walgreens. RSV vaccine for infants is not available at Walgreens due to age restrictions. Many provider offices are awaiting distribution, meaning vaccines are not yet available. Please allow time for delivery.

Certain vaccines such as Flu, RSV, Pneumonia and Shingles vaccines are available at select Walgreens pharmacies only.

COVID-19 vaccines are only available at in-network Walgreens locations with vaccine supply. Please contact the intended pharmacy location to confirm vaccine availability and appointment scheduling if needed.

Finding a Vaccine Pharmacy

The USFHP pharmacy network includes several Walgreens pharmacies that are able to provide vaccine services. Please visit your local Walgreens to confirm if you can obtain your desired vaccine there, or at another nearby Walgreens location. If you have difficulty finding a Walgreens pharmacy that can administer vaccines, you may call Customer Service at 410-424-4528 or 800-808-7347 for assistance.

Please note that the USFHP pharmacy network is limited to Walgreens pharmacies. Military Treatment Facility and government/federal military pharmacies cannot be used. Some Walgreens-owned pharmacies on this site may still be listed as Rite Aid. Please check with the pharmacy that it is a Walgreens-owned pharmacy.

Find a Vaccine Pharmacy

If you obtain a vaccine from a non-Walgreens pharmacy, you may ask for reimbursement by completing the Prescription Reimbursement Claim form and mailing to the address listed on the form. Original receipts must accompany the form in order for your claim to be processed.