Johns Hopkins US Family Health Plan is tracking the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation closely. We want to make sure you have up-to-date information about vaccines, testing, and your health plan benefits.

The Public Health Emergency (PHE) for COVID-19 has been renewed through July 15, 2022. All coverage, costs and benefits affected by the PHE as indicated on this webpage will continue until that date.

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COVID-19 vaccine information by state:

Johns Hopkins University and Medicine:
Coronavirus Resource Center

COVID-19 Vaccine

Johns Hopkins USFHP is working hard to make it easy for you to take advantage of COVID-19 testing and vaccines and to get the health care you need during the pandemic. Three COVID-19 vaccines have been authorized by the FDA. Learn more.

The Pfizer, Moderna, and Janssen COVID-19 vaccines have been thoroughly tested and found to be safe and effective in preventing severe COVID-19, and are undergoing continuous and intense safety monitoring. To date, there is an excellent safety record reported among millions of people who have received the Pfizer, Janssen, or Moderna COVID-19 vaccine. Learn more.

  • Johns Hopkins USFHP members will have no cost share for an FDA-authorized COVID-19 vaccine when received from an in-network provider or Walgreens pharmacy.
  • Click your state’s link above to find your vaccine information and locations.


You can still get the care you need without leaving home. Talk to your provider about using telehealth services. TRICARE® expanded telehealth coverage for the duration of the COVID-19 emergency:

  • Members now have no cost shares for any covered telehealth appointments (not just visits related to COVID-19).
  • Normal referral and pre-authorization requirements apply.
  • For covered services, members can use telehealth to work with any Johns Hopkins USFHP authorized individual provider.

COVID-19 Tests

  • Testing for COVID-19 is covered when symptomatic and referred by your physician.
    • Johns Hopkins USFHP covers COVID-19 tests ordered by a Johns Hopkins USFHP-authorized provider. Your health care provider will decide if you need a test based on your exposure risk, symptoms and guidance from the CDC. Please do not go to a hospital or clinic and ask to be tested without a medical order.
    • The test must be performed at a Johns Hopkins USFHP-authorized lab or facility. Johns Hopkins USFHP recommends that you find a free testing center instead of using an urgent care center. See the links to your state’s testing websites below.
  • Members will have no cost-shares (copayments, co-insurance and deductibles) for COVID-19 testing or for visits associated with COVID-19 evaluation that leads to testing.
  • No pre-authorization requirement for COVID-19 testing.

Not Covered Tests

There is a cost if you receive a test that is not ordered by your provider. Per TRICARE guidelines, Johns Hopkins USFHP does not cover testing that is not primarily intended for diagnosis and/or treatment of COVID-19.

This includes:

  • Public health surveillance
  • Research
  • General workplace health and safety
  • Return to work or school
  • Mass transportation (e.g., bus, train, vanpool)
  • Personal or leisure travel
  • Curiosity or personal interest
  • Offer by a third party for “free” testing unrelated to medical necessity
  • To determine a donor’s ability to donate blood or plasma

At-Home Test Kits

TRICARE covers the cost of at-home test kits that are approved by the FDA and ordered by a Johns Hopkins USFHP-authorized provider for a medically necessary purpose, such as exhibition of symptoms. TRICARE is reviewing the latest guidance on at-home testing kits in order to identify whether any changes to the current policy are warranted. As a reminder, TRICARE reminds all beneficiaries to follow currently approved TRICARE requirements for COVID-19 testing.

You can order 4 free at-home tests online directly from the federal government.

State Testing Resources


Walgreens Limiting Hours, Closing Some Stores
Due to surges in COVID-19 cases and a shortage of labor, Walgreens has adjusted operating hours at, or temporarily closed, a limited number of stores. While the vast majority of Walgreens locations are open and operating with normal hours, Johns Hopkins USFHP members may encounter unexpected changes.

Early refill restrictions waived on prescription for at least 30-day supplies.
Members can also consider getting a 90-day supply of maintenance medications you take on a regular basis. Visit COVID-19 – Frequently Asked Pharmacy Questions or our pharmacy page to learn more about your prescription coverage.